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Outreach Hygiene Bags

Buttafleye Music, Media, Ministry is a bible believing based ministry that takes the word of God seriously by doing his will willfully.  The ministry is dedicated to helping the homeless and hungry.  This outreach ministry focuses on the needs of the less fortunate. We believe that every mouth should be feed and everybody should be housed.


We feed the hungry twice a month and also supply hygiene bags containing; deodorant, toothpaste/ brush, hairbrush/ comb, body spray, hand sanitizer, hand wipes, hand lotion, socks, gloves,  bottled water, flashlight, hygiene wipes, floss, snacks, prayer, encouragement and a bible to homeless men, and woman with children.


In addition to the bags, our goal is to supply Hygiene Back Pack’s, Portable tents, Insulated lunch boxes, Insulated water bottles, Portable tents, Sleeping bags, Blankets, Flashlights, Underwear, Socks, Shirts, Pillows, Sweats, and Towels.

Our goal is to assists in rehabilitation through biblical outreach and fellowship through the word of God. Our desire is to purchase mobile transportation to transport items and a food truck to distribute hot and cold meals.  The ministry needs your help!

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