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A Solution- For The Homeless Crisis


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Charity & Love Movement- Homeless to Housing Outreach Program

We are seeking land to build our Kingdom Village.  Kingdom village is 250 acres of land and it is a place where all homeless individuals, families and those at risk are welcome to join our community. We are building a Kingdom resort & retreat which provides jobs for kingdom Village residence enrolled in the homeless to housing program by Charity and Love Movement. We provide a hassle-free, self- sustainable housing, agricultural living, and sustainable organic gardening.   We also provide jobs and educational training for families and individuals.  You can help make this a reality!

Join The Movement


Help us reach our goal to obtain 250 acres of land

Permanent self-sustaining Housing Off the Grid and Gardening

Kingdom Land is 250 acres of land and Kingdom Village is a place where we offer permanent housing available to all homeless individuals and their families. We provided a hassle-free living and offer trade workshops, sustainable gardening, agricultural living, health & wellness, spiritual living, and self-sustainable housing- off the grid.

Help Provide Permanent Self- Sustaining Housing & Gardening

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Buttafleye Ministry Feeding the Homeless Tacos

in Austin, Texas 2019

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