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IBS | 10 Things Christians Don't Know About Satan | Fallen Angels, Giants, Demons, and Aliens

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Welcome to Buttafleye Ministry Interactive Bible Study. Theme: Fallen Angels, Giants, Demons, & Aliens. Topic "10 Things Christians Don't Know About Satan".

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10 Things Christians Don't Know About Satan

1. The call “devil” is truly an office and not a human. Perhaps his most common name, satan, is thought of with the aid of several different names. Nonetheless, you know that this opposer didn’t call by this when we are dealing with him. Later, I will inform you of his real name.

2. The true name of Satan is Lucifer If you don’t know the facts, you don’t have to kick yourself. The Holy Bible only applied to the call once and it was modified into the bankruptcy book of Isaiah 14 verse 12. You should try it out later. 3. The Devil was an Archangel Yeah, satan was a genuinely important character in the land of God. He was an archangel who worshiped God day and night. Yet he was given selfish, tried to rise above Heaven, and turned into cast down from heaven in tandem with other angels who joined his rebellion. The ebook of Insolvency Discovery 12 talks about this rebellion.

4. Devil isn’t always right Devil may be dumb or logical, or whatever you call it, but one of the components he’s not accurate is real. Having learned of God’s scheme to supply humanity by sending out the Son of God, Jesus Christ, the Devil, started a wagging war against individuals that he believed to be the ones he spoke of. In case you want an instant, I might come up with that. Keep in mind that the brand-new testament is concerned about a case in which a few people asked John the Baptist if he had converted to Jesus. By that point, John the Baptist performed so many miracles that everyone knew him. John, motivated by God, gave them a response that puzzled them. He said that he had turned into the voice that cried out in the desert. The people who asked John this question were instigated by the use of the devil. This indicates that satan did not know that Jesus had turned into Him until Jesus had proclaimed Himself.

5. He’s not the most wicked of demons Devil is definitely powerful, and no matter what the truth is, he’s not the most depraved of demons. The Bible talks of non-secular wickedness in disproportionate ways. If those powers weren’t huge, the Bible wouldn’t have noticed them. During the Armageddon War, the devil is preparing to use the blood of his fellows against Christ. Satan is aware of how many tons God loves a man, and he is also aware that he may lose any war in opposition to God. Through a deliberate effort to tip the dimensions in his favor and raise the odds of defeat, satan began to absorb human souls and they began to replace them with wealth, money, and things that could be enticed by man. 6. He assumes the Most High will remove the idea of war

He assumes that if he were able to get around three-thirds of the population of human souls, God would remove the idea of war. Yet I can’t tell you how real his statement is.

7. Satan is not as bad as he is portrayed. You may have seen a thousand and one images of satan. Some claim he has a hideous face, a mirror of the evilest beasts, but you’re actually shocked that satan isn’t that bad. The Scripture is known as the son of the dawn. That tells you a lot about how beautiful this evil creature is.

8. Satan is not an omniscient The word, omniscient, process is something that’s always going somewhere. You may have observed evil taking place simultaneously in locations as far apart as the North and the South Pole, but don’t let that force you to believe that the Devil is everywhere at all times. Here’s the secret, the devil has a range of stores operating in so many locations, and they all make satan have an omniscient feeling. 9. Satan is a brilliant singer Since satan used to worship the Most High God in heaven, it definitely came to pass that satan is a great musician. That said, we can apprehend the daily hobby of satan inside the track industry. 10. Satan hates human beings I‘m pretty sure we know this. Of course, everyone knows that, but not all of us now know the reason why satan hates us a lot. Enable me to train you. You see before God made man, and before the devil was thrown out of heaven, Lucifer was God‘s favorite, he was God‘s (YHWH) greatest creation. But, when man came into the picture and held the previous role of satan in the heart of God, the devil was almost annoyed, and, in truth, jealous. And that’s why he hates our country.

Simply to make you understand, he wants more women. And that is because of something that the ladies don’t have: a vagina. When man came into being, the notion of procreation had been foreign to pretty much all and sober. And while God had determined that his begotten son should be born to a woman, satan was not the first to be involved until he knew that God had formed the womb.

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