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The reality is that the true Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiach ben Elohim, was a Torah-observant Jewish Rabbi who kept the Sabbath. Take a look at this passage from Luke’s Gospel.

And He came to Natzeret, where He had been raised. As was His custom, He went into the synagogue on Shabbat, and He got up to read. ~Luke 4:16 (TLV)

It was the custom of our Master and Messiah to be in the Synagogue on the Sabbath Day. He was not at a job collecting overtime pay. He was not doing yard work around His home. We must consider is that if Yeshua did not break the Sabbath based on the above conclusions, and if He made it His custom to attend the local Synagogue services on the weekly Sabbath Day—not Sunday, but the Biblical Shabbat—then He kept the Sabbath.

Most Christians today believe that Yeshua is supposed to be our example of how to live as a Christian. My question then is simply: Why don’t they do what He did?

I have often heard stories of the life and ministry of Smith Wigglesworth, one of the main pioneers of the early Pentecostal Christian Movement. It was said that Wigglesworth saw phenomenal miracles in his ministry, even so much as raising the dead out of their coffins and commanding life back into their bodies. Now, I am not asking you to believe that, even though it was documented by the secular press of his day. I know some people have a hard time accepting the miraculous in the modern-day, and that too is an issue for another time. But hear me out for a moment.

Wigglesworth was a peculiar individual. Like so many others in the early Pentecostal Movement, he refused to eat unclean things like pork and shellfish. He is also said to have maintained a unique pattern in his home, when not out ministering, where he would read Scripture for 30 minutes, then pray for 30 minutes, then read for another 30 minutes, then pray for another 30 minutes. He would follow this pattern breaking only for meals. He is also said to have never allowed any publication in his home except the Bible. A young preacher by the name of Lester Sumrall is said to have visited him one day with a newspaper under his arm, to which he was denied entry into the home unless he discarded the newspaper. Sumrall had his priorities right at that moment as the newspaper found it’s way in the bushes and he entered in to spend time in fellowship with Wigglesworth.

In referencing these things, I have often heard it said, “We don’t do what he did because we don’t do what he did.” To clarify, we don’t see the type of miracles in ministry that Wigglesworth reportedly saw because we don’t obey Scripture in things like our diet, we don’t engage in disciplined study and prayer, and we fill our minds with every sort of secular filth and gossip while rejecting the Bible. I know that’s probably not true of those who are actually reading an article like this, but it is true of way too many Christians today, including a large majority of Pastors.

Now I am not telling you to pattern your life after Wigglesworth. He had a notable ministry marked with some great teaching on faith, but he was still just a man. I watch television, but when I do I am typically watching things that can educate me in something I can apply to ministry, whether it be informational programs, or cultural shows, or even in some cases programs that portray good marketing skills. So, no, I don’t think we need to live exactly the way Wigglesworth did, but there are some basic principles in his life that we should apply.

Can we apply this to Yeshua? Certainly we can! We don’t do what He (Yeshua) did because we don’t do what He (Yeshua) did. Christians don’t keep the Sabbath—and NO, going to Church on Sunday is NOT keeping the Sabbath because Sunday IS NOT THE SABBATH DAY—they don’t live a Torah-observant life, they have all but renounced anything and everything Jewish, even mocking Jewish culture and anything “Jewish” from the Bible, seemingly not even realizing that Yeshua is Jewish, still blindly citing Constantine’s Creed without even realizing it.


  1. Yeshua Kept The Sabbath, why didn't he break the sabbath as Jesus?

  2. Why don’t they (Christians) do what He did by keeping the sabbath?

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