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Newsletter | June 2023

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Buttafleye Ministry Newsletter

Buttafleye Ministry Newsletter with green letters.

We have a surprise!

Our new book is available on Amazon

Trauma in the Bible- Buttafleye Ministry

Use the same link for the weekly study

What is trauma spiritually? Spiritual trauma occurs as a result of events that threaten and damage our core spiritual values and goals. This can be a result of either abuse by religious/spiritual figures or being raised with a toxic and overbearing interpretation of that religion or spiritual belief.

How does trauma affect you spiritually? For others, trauma can be associated with loss of faith, diminished participation in religious or spiritual activities, changes in belief, feelings of being abandoned or punished by God, and loss of meaning and purpose for living. Class begins at 7 PM (CST) on Thursday. Hope to see you there!

This Month's Theme:

Loving Your Soul

Scripture of the Month: Proverbs 19:8

He that getteth wisdom loveth his own soul: he that keepeth understanding shall find good.


Certificate  Classes- Buttafleye Ministry

by Buttafleye Ministry on June 06

Each quarter of the academic year Buttafleye Ministry honors a member from Interactive Bible Study for excellence in study.

by Dr. Mar’Jae on June 06

Recognize the lie and meditate on the truths contained in these verses to help you break the hold emotional trauma has on your spirit and thoughts.

Singles Gala Equally Yoked- Buttafleye Ministry

by Buttafleye Ministry on March 04

Finally, an opportunity to dress in the finest threads and gowns and meet like professional believers in one place at a multifunctional event. This charity event will raise awareness of the rising number of displacements among families, women, and children. RSVP today!

The Colors of Victory & Success Adult Hebrew Coloring Activity Book


This book has all the tools you need to succeed spiritually. Very therapeutic and improves our mental well-being— it feeds the spirit and soothes the soul with activities for daily application. We recommend this book to everyone in our study. This is also a great gift. Particle proceeds are donated to the homeless.

Class Video on April 20

What is Easter? What is the importance of the resurrection? Learn about easter and the origin of this holiday celebrated by millions of people each year. Like and subscribe.

Spiritual Counseling- Buttafleye Ministry

by Dr. Mar’Jae on June 06

Are you or someone you know in need of spiritual counseling? Buttafleye Ministry provides counseling services for individuals and families. Sign up for a free session.

Family Prayer & Worship Wednesday -Buttafleye Ministry

by Minister Jazzy Buttafleye Ministry Prayer Warrior

Recognize the lie and meditate on the truths contained in these verses to help you break the hold emotional trauma has on your spirit and thoughts.


Do You Have a Confidential Prayer Request? Do You Have a Testimony You Would Like to Share? Do You have questions or feedback and would like to contact us?


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Dr. Mar'Jae
Dr. Mar'Jae
21 jun 2023

“Please let us know if you have any questions or thoughts.” We would appreciate hearing your opinion.

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