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Feed The Need

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 This outreach ministry focuses on the rehabilitation and needs of the less fortunate, the homeless, and those at risk. 'We believe that every mouth should be fed and everybody housed with a bed.'  Our goal is to end world hunger one belly at a time through the Feed The Need outreach program.  We have fed thousands of people homemade tacos and desserts out of our ministry and given away over 500 hygiene bags to the homeless, men, woman, and children with the help of supporters.  


We dedicate our time, energy, and money to caring for and loving those who are less fortunate and at risk.  We strive to do more but with very few resources were unable to reach the masses. The COVID-19 Epidemic that closed the world down in 2020 has affected us all.  We are praying for recovery, and that the Most High will put us in a position to not only feed more people this year but also house the homeless and those at risk. That's where your support makes a big difference.   


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Hunger is more severe in some regions, but worsening everywhere in 2023.

 By supporting our ministry with your donation we can support those in need on your behalf.  We will do all the hard work and you can get the gratification of helping others. 

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Our short-term goal for this year: prepare and distribute over 5000 tacos and 5000 hygiene bags for homeless and at-risk men, women, and children of all ages.



Charity Volunteers

Every month we are blessed by volunteers who make the work of the ministry possible. These individuals, families, groups, and organizations are so crucial. They have allowed the Ministry to make the most of our resources and continue to help hungry and homeless people in the world.

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Feeding America, the country’s largest hunger-relief organization, projected the impact of COVID-19 on food insecurity by assuming an annual unemployment rate of 10.5 percent and a poverty rate of 14.4 percent.


Many areas that had high food insecurity before the pandemic are now experiencing even greater levels of hunger.

Hunger is more severe in some regions but worsening  everywhere in 2023


One in six Americans could go hungry in 2023 as the pandemic persists

Soup Kitchen

Hunger is surging in the heart of America, showing just how dire the problem has become during the crisis.

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