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Together We Can Piece Together

Change With Charity & Love

There is a homeless crisis in America, that is skyrocketing due to natural disasters including COVID-19 and inflation.   Buttafleye Ministry with help from volunteers and supporters is working hard in an effort to support those who are homeless and at-risk with permanent self-sustaining housing and agricultural living.   Buttafleye Ministry outreach program "Charity & Love Movement" is a homeless housing program available to all homeless individuals and their families (all that apply and qualify).   Read More 


We are seeking your support in our efforts to make this vision a reality. There are many ways you can give, we need your help.




We Want to House You.

CHARITY & LOVE  MOVEMENT will provide transitional shelter for homeless or disadvantaged families that are having a hard time finding housing in the community, and will include programs geared towards success. We will help to develop positive skills that will increase confidence while building a better community. 

Sign up for our housing waiting list and tell us how we can help serve you. 

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We Want to Feed You.

FEED THE NEED [Feed My Sheep] is committed to fighting hunger due to poverty, war, famine, COVID-19, and natural disasters. 1 in 7 people struggle with hunger in the U.S.  That number has increased tremendously in 2020-2021 and growing.  We are working together to end hunger and create a brighter future.


We are serving hot taco on the 1st and 3rd Saturday's. Sign up for your free tacos and let us know your location.

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Give Today!

Shelters that are already operating have to turn many families away each day simply because there just isn’t enough room for more people. BUTTAFLEYE MINISTRY would like to take that overflow of families and give them the same attention that other families are not able to receive.  With your HELP!

Need Help?