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IBS | Homework Assignment|Witchcraft in the Church | Part 1

By Popular Demand!

I am so grateful. Thank you for registering for Buttafleye Ministry's "Witchcraft in the Church" interactive Bible study. Held on Thursdays in October on Google meet. We will send you a reminder one day before the study and a weekly newsletter of the study schedule. This is a certificate study all assignments must be turned in for certification. Please feel free to share the event as our goal is to gather as many people as possible to share the truth and deliverance. Join Study

Weekly Schedule

Week 1 - Introduction

  • overview and history of Witchcraft

Week 2- How witches and demons operate

  • Entertainment, fashion, and religion

  • How to reveal the hidden activities of evil forces

  • Hidden Mysteries

  • Avoid these things

Week 3- How witchcraft is ignored in religious practices.

  • Witchcraft is witchcraft

  • The new age of religion and Christianity

  • How to recognize witchcraft in the church

  • Expose Monitoring Spirits - Satanic and Demonic Spirits

  • Breaking Demonic Curses

Week 4- How to pray against the spirit of witchcraft and demonic attacks

  • Spiritual cleansing

  • Powerful prayers and prophetic actions against the spirit of witchcraft and demonic attack

  • Hear testimonies of deliverance from witchcraft

  • Dangerous Prayer Points

  • Declarations to Disarm

  • Casting Out Demons

Week 4- Part 2- Open Panel Discussion and Certificate Distribution-TBA

  • "Witchcraft in the Church" is an open panel discussion with a series of timed questions and conversations about witchcraft in the church.

  • This panel is open to all who register for this event and all can participate.

  • Receive a broader understanding of witchcraft in the church.

  • Certificate- awarded to individuals upon completion of this session.

*Hear testimonies of deliverance from new-age Christianity, witchcraft, and more. do you have a testimony you would like to share?


Classes falling on a holiday will be rescheduled for the following Thursday.


John 8:32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free


This study is a daily affirmation and weekly devotional study for deliverance from the spirit of witchcraft, demonic attack, and financial stagnation.

We offer a simple practical prayer guide to a life free from witchcraft harassment, oppression, and demonic attack.


Weekly review of the previous week for understanding, purpose, and application.

Week Study

Each week we will go deeper into our study for clarity, and truth for a strong foundation.

Homework- Assignments

See Student Instruction on the blog post.

All homework must be completed and turned in by the following Thursday. If you have any questions, personal issues, or concerns, or need an extension, Please feel free to reach out to your instructor Dr. Mar' Jae at www.

Week 1. What are Witchcraft, Wicca, and Pagan? -Here

Week 2. 21 Scriptures Tell Us That Astrology Is a Sin-Here

Week 3. Occult, Divination, Astrology, and Sorcery-Here

Week 4. Our Younger Generations Are Not Prioritizing Religion Here

*Commentary-assignment-write a 1-page commentary about what you have learned about Witchcraft in the church ( use references). What similarities do the New age and Christianity teach what are their commonalities?


What is Christ consciousness?


  1. Sign up to become a Buttafleye Ministry member, and create your user password.

  2. Sign in using your password for class participation and certification.

When you are logged in:

  • Read the full content in each blog post.

  • Answer all underlined questions.

  • Comment your answers in the comment section of the blog post.

  • Give your classmates personalized feedback on their answers to one or more questions.

  • Watch assigned videos

  • Read or listen to assigned scriptures and books.


RESOURCES for this assignment.

Dealing with demons by Bob Larson Here

Warfare Prayers

Spiritual warfare prayers Here

Deliverance from demonic oppression Here

Praying for the Sick, Wounded, and Spiritually Oppressed Principles and Practice Here

Satanic Influences in the American Christian Church in a Post-Modern Consumer Society- thesis and dissertation by Jerry F. Ressa- George Fox university Here

Spiritual Strategies: A Manual For Spiritual Warfare -HARVESTIME INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE Here

Prayers for protection against demonic oppression and witchcraft Here


Additional Reading and Resources

Read the blog:

Are Fallen Angels Truth from the Bible or Fiction? HERE

How Many Angels are There? HERE

Are Fallen Angels Truth from the Bible or Fiction? HERE

10 Things Christians don't Know about Satan HERE

The Devil HERE

Old Testament Giants HERE

What Does the Bible say about Demons HERE

Aliens the invasion HERE


I am very thankful for your time. I will see you Thursday if the Most High is willing. Do You Have a confidential Prayer Request? Do You Have a Testimony You Would Like to Share? Do You have questions or feedback and would like to contact us?

Dr. Mar'Jae

Buttafleye Ministry

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Dr. Mar'Jae
Dr. Mar'Jae
Jan 10, 2023

Love it! Great job Buttafleye Ministry!

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