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Level up Mother's Day-Brave Leap to Freedom: Wellness for Mom

Give the love you give to others, back to yourself. Learn powerful wellness tools to thrive at work, in life, and love.

Brave Leap to Freedom: Wellness for Mom (all caregivers are welcome)

Virtual Master Class - Special Edition

Date: Saturday, May 11, 2024

Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EST) (10 PST/12 Central/ 1 EST)

Location: Virtual

Limited spots are available, RSVP today!

This Mother's Day, give the gift of self-care and rejuvenation with a two-hour virtual wellness masterclass. This class is specifically designed to inspire and uplift mothers and provide them with valuable strategies for leading a more fulfilling and balanced life. From mental and emotional well-being to physical health and self-care practices, this masterclass covers all aspects of wellness. Your mother will be able to learn and implement these strategies into her daily routine, leading to a healthier and happier life. Show your mother how much you appreciate and care for her by giving her the gift of wellness this Mother's Day.

Virtual Master Class - Special Edition

In today's fast-paced world, people are looking for less stressful ways to approach work, life, and love, and find true fulfillment in their lives. Nurture your Mind, Body & Spirit in a POWERFUL 2-hour SPECIAL EDITION workshop for MOM based on the book Brave Leap to Freedom by Felèsha Love.

Felèsha Love is communications dynamo! She is relatable, passionate, knowledgable, and enthusiastic about subjects related to business, wellness, and media. Love's powerful skill sets garnered impressive successes in her professional career as an educator, published author, and business owner.

Learn Self Care Strategies, Helpful Tools to Manage Challenges, New Perspectives, Release Stress, and more.

Brave Leap To Freedom Special Edition. Break free and thrive!

  • Wellness for Mom, Parents & Caregivers

  • Wellness for Singles

  • Wellness for Couples

  • Wellness for Professionals

  • Workplace Wellness

Felèsha Love offers Self Mastery and Professional Development Workshops

Everyone is welcome.

  • Pivot

  • Reset

  • Strategize

  • Prepare


Saturday, May 11 · 1 - 3 pm CDT- Virtual

Sign up today for a special discounted price.


Short Bio

Felèsha Love is an accomplished author and educator who has dedicated her career to empowering individuals and organizations. With an extensive background in media, business, and wellness she is a wealth of knowledge. The former professor has taught countless of classes and written several accredited academic courses for continuing education providers and colleges. She provides valuable knowledge and skills to students, clients, and business professionals. Love facilitated best business practices and work/life wellness classes for companies all over the country. Her work has influenced their operations, services, programs, and projects while promoting well-being. Her expertise has also been sought after by executive leaders to conduct retreats, workshops, seminars, and consultations. Equipped with an MBA in Project Management and experience teaching higher education Felèsha Love is a highly respected leader who continues to make a positive impact in all the lives of others.


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